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Session 1A | Use & Evaluation of Effectiveness of Social Media for Undergraduate Recruitment
Monday—2:30 pm

“Oh, you play on Facebook all day for your job? Must be fun.” HA! The use of various, diverse social media channels for student recruitment can be fun. However, it can also be elusive to measure and integrate with the rest of your recruitment messaging. In this session we’ll discuss how the Shenandoah University Office of Admissions created an “Admissions Media Recruitment” team in order to plan, evaluate and integrate our various social media channels and campaigns. We’ll share how we integrate social media with the rest of our admissions messaging and events to create and share an authentic on-line experience for our prospective students and families.

Presented by:
Jean Swartz, Director of Admissions - Media Recruitment
Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA

Session 2A | Dare to Be Different
Tuesday—9:00 am

In a rapidly changing and competitive higher education market, small private liberal arts institutions struggle to differentiate themselves from one another. This session will focus on some practical ways colleges and universities can create their own identity. Through a series of activities including visits, presentations and communication plans, this discussion based session will provide attendees with comprehensive strategies to implement on their campuses.

Presented by:
Jeremy Bogan, Associate Vice President and Dean of Admission
Willamette University in Salem, OR

Session 3A | From ‘07 Britney to Beyonce: Baby Let Me Upgrade Your Campus Visit
Tuesday—10:30 am

Presbyterian College's campus visit experience has significantly changed in the last two years - we're talking flip phone to iPhone. This session will focus on how colleges and universities can transform their campus visit experience as we highlight the big changes we have made to our daily campus visit, visit programs, and PC's student ambassador program. Our campus visit experience includes hospitality from admissions staff, student ambassadors, and faculty members. We will share how our visitors meet multiple student ambassadors who share stories, rather than statistics, and how we engage our faculty to help us recruit students to the institution. Plus, we'll share how we keep a group of 60+ volunteer student ambassadors excited and committed. We strive to create a highly personalized visit experience for every prospective student - we might be small, but we feel like we’re making a big impact.

Presented by:
Mark Fox, Director of Admissions and Ashley Kabel Campus Experience Coordinator
Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC

Session 4A | A Data Roadmap to Enrollment Success at Small Colleges
Tuesday—1:15 pm

As small colleges across the nation experience significant changes in demographics, increased economic challenges and intense competition, the use of data and analytics will become critical to the creation of pragmatic strategies and transparent operational plans. This session will focus on best practices to enable the informed, agile and data-driven enrollment offices at small institutions. The in-depth discussion on skills, tools and professional development will allow leaders to roadmap evolution at their institutions, and consider how strategies will be defined as well as operationalized to ensure success.

Presented by:
Sherri Gilmore, Regional Director
NRCCUA in Lee's Summit, MO

Session 5A | Communicating Enrollment: Reporting to your President, Trustees, and Leadership Team
Tuesday—3:00 pm

In the high-stakes world of Enrollment Management, how do you discuss the complexities of admission, financial aid, and retention to colleagues who are non-specialists? What’s more, how do you communicate confidence to your president, leadership team or trustees when enrollment indicators are looking up, or warn your team when the enrollment forecast is bleak? As always, communication is key – but how do you know when to call for a celebration or caution against a potential pitfall? This session is designed for the Dean, Vice President or Chief Enrollment Officer who has responsibility for reporting enrollment goals and targets to their institution’s senior leadership team, President and board of trustees. We will discuss how to report topics like: admit rates, yield, discount rate, net tuition revenue, retention and other key performance indicators to gauge institutional enrollment health.

Presented by:
Joseph Miller, Vice President for Enrollment
LaGrange College in LaGrange, GA

Session 6A | Admissions & Athletics – Effective Strategies to Increase Student Enrollment
Wednesday—9:00 am

Recruiting for small private colleges is becoming more competitive. Each institution is looking for more innovative ways to increase enrollment. This session will explain how small colleges have used resources on hand to build effective strategies that have increased student enrollment while increasing net revenue.

Presented by:
Michelle Lodato, Consultant
ML Consulting in Belton, SC

Session 7A | Serving Those Who Served: 3 Steps to Improve Your Veteran Recruitment Strategy
Wednesday—10:15 am

Did you know up to 400,000 service members leave the military every year, and more than 1/3 of them will enroll in college? Join us to hear from experts in veteran recruitment. You’ll learn how to (1) administer a self-assessment on veteran-friendly enrollment practices and support services, (2) effectively identify where college-ready veterans are, and (3) get advice on how to implement a recruitment strategy specific to this renewable source of talent.

Presented by:
Jennifer Umali, CEO & Jessica Shasserre, Director of Higher Education Marketing
MediaCross, St. Louis, MO