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Session 1A | I Thought Roller Coasters Were Supposed To Be Fun
Monday—2:30 pm

Demographic shifts, societal changes and the enrollment reality for small private colleges. Or… how long will this roller coaster ride last? Exploring new ways to look at old problems and old ways to look at new problems. An overview of the state of small college admission and marketing along with an interactive session on how small colleges can strengthen their position through affordable research, off-brand vendors, and affordable social media.

Presented by:
Richard Blomgren, Director of Admission and Nicole Fava, Associate Director of Marketing
North Carolina Outward Bound School in Asheville, NC

Session 2A | The Enrollment/Athletic Model
Tuesday—9:00 am

This session will cover ways to maximize partnerships between Admissions and Athletic departments to meet enrollment/retention goals. Discussion will include: Fall travel season opportunities; on-campus recruitment; pre-identifying admissible student athletes; the role of athletic liaison.

Presented by:
Ms. Adrienne Amador, Associate Director of Admission and Athletics Liaison
Berry College in Mount Berry, GA

Session 3A | The 2016 Small College Inquiry Response Report: A Panel Discussion
Tuesday—10:30 am

How does YOUR inquiry response stack up? Join this session to learn the results of an inquiry response analysis of over 400 small private colleges and universities. Students want immediate and relevant information, across multiple channels. See how you stack up and learn how peer institutions hit the mark! 3) Learn best practices for responding to inquiries to generate results – including tips for segmenting responses to target best-fit students, and 4) Share current response practices for their own programs with one another for a dynamic conversation among colleagues to exchange ideas.

Session participants will: 1) Obtain data on how a large sample of small private schools are responding to prospective students, thus allowing assessment of their own practices by comparison. 2) See how three small, private schools respond to inquiries with immediacy and relevancy to impact yield.

Presented by:
Suzanne Sharp, Executive Director of Enrollment Management Consulting at Liaison in Watertown, MA; Keith Mock, Vice President of Enrollment Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL;
George Wolf, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Siena Heights University in Adrian, MI: Brian Studebaker, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA;

Session 4A | Marketing with Meaning: Capitalizing on the Power of Storytelling in Recruitment Marketing and Communications
Tuesday—1:15 pm

Rankings, awards and class sizes have their place in recruiting materials — but they are little more than cost-of-entry bullet points. The next generation of college-going students is marketing savvy, even cynical. Capturing their emotions and tapping into their values is key. Rather than limiting your marketing and communication to the generic, expected messages — the ones students see from every other college and university — how can you establish an emotional connection through authentic, real-life storytelling? This session will provide guidance for effectively identifying, crafting and multi-purposing your college’s most compelling stories. We’ll talk about not just how to find your stories, but how to draw out of your students, faculty and alumni what is most meaningful based on their personal experiences as part of your community. This approach elevates typical higher ed marketing and communications while reflecting an emerging admissions trend: counselors seeking not just than high GPAs, AP courses, and long lists of service learning experiences — but what meaning students have derived from their life and academic experience and what impact they want to make in the world.

Presented by:
Andrea Crossley Spencer, Director of Creative Writing and Lyda Adams Carpen, Creative Director
Tigermoth Creative in Greensboro, NC

Session 5A | Implementing Prior-Prior Year FAFSA in Recruitment and Marketing Strategies
Tuesday—3:00 pm

Keep it simple! Keep it personal! Financial aid and admission have a unique partnership when it comes to yielding a student. This session will talk about strategies for admission professionals to establish strong relationships with families and be tailored financial aid counselors throughout the recruitment process. It will also discuss strategies to track factors and behaviors to determine a student’s likeliness to enroll. Additionally, the prior-prior year (PPY) FAFSA will be a major focus in how Culver-Stockton worked to prepare for this pivotal change, and will provide suggestions for how other small colleges can prepare for this change from a recruitment, marketing, and financial aid standpoint.

Presented by:
Misty McBee, Executive Director of Admission & Marketing
Culver-Stockton College in Canton, MO

Session 6A | It Takes a Village
Wednesday—9:00 am

Recruiting a class takes more time, resources and effort than even before. Learn how you can utilize resources with your faculty, staff, coaches, current students and alumni to help the recruitment efforts. You will also learn about pipeline recruitment and targeting those students most likely to enroll and retain.

Presented by:
Julie Schatz, Dean of Admissions
Greensboro College in Greensboro, NC

Session 7A | Athletics and Admission: It Doesn’t Have to be Awkward
Wednesday—10:15 am

Small colleges often rely on athletics departments to help bring in a class. Admission and athletics must work together to ensure a successful year for both sides, but for some colleges, the differing personalities between coaches and admission officers can make for uncomfortable situations and unrealistic expectations. But all is not lost! Approaching this relationship as on opportunity will pay big dividends for coaches and admission officers alike. This session explores the genuine differences between how both offices view a college, the areas where both excel, and tips on how to improve this critical partnership.

Presented by:
Gregory Franz, Assistant Director of Admission
The College of Idaho in Caldwell, ID