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Exhibitor FAQs

How many exhibitors will be at the conference?
Space is limited with just 24 tables available on a first-come/first-served basis.

What are the exhibit times?
You should be set up between 11:00 a.m. and noon on Monday, July 17. The last session on Tuesday, July 18 ends at 4:00 p.m., at which time you may have a few last minute participants wander through the exhibit area. Most exhibitors have finished packing up by about 5 p.m. There are no exhibits on Wednesday, July 19. At least three exhibitors are likely to stay through Wednesday morning; see below for the explanation of the Wednesday’s “Additional Session” product demonstration.

What is the cost for exhibitors?
The Regular Fee is $795.  But ACT NOW TO REGISTER BEFORE APRIL 15 and receive the Early Bird fee of $675 for the first company representative, which includes participation in Monday night's “Party in Paradise” social event as well as two breakfast buffet vouchers and Tuesday’s casual, poolside box lunch.   Additional representatives may attend for $240 each. Exhibitors are welcome and encouraged to attend any conference sessions that interest them.

Am I entitled to the same hotel rate as the conference participants?
Absolutely. To make your reservations SIMPLY FOLLOW THIS LINK or call The Shores Resort & Spa at 1-866-934-7467 and identify yourself as a participant in the National Small College Enrollment Conference to receive the special conference rate of $179 per night for single or double. This special rate has been guaranteed for Monday through Wednesday nights as well as the three nights prior to and following the conference. Space is limited, so make your reservations today. After June 23rd, all blocked rooms will be released and reservations and rates will be on a space and rate available basis.

When am I likely to see conference participants?
The best times for interaction are during the 30 minute breaks between sessions. By design, the breakout rooms are close to the exhibit area so that conference participants will be able to easily find and explore the exhibit hall. Participants are further encouraged to mingle with exhibitors as they enjoy the complimentary refreshments served in the exhibit hall. We've found that participants also enjoy exploring exhibits before the Opening Session begins at 1 p.m., so we recommend that your table set-up is complete by 11:00 a.m.; then your first big crowd will be after the Opening Session ends at 2:00 p.m.

Who will be participating in the conference?
In the past there have been between 150 and 200 conference participants and presenters from small colleges and universities across the country. Participants will attend from the fields of admissions, enrollment management, retention, marketing, and student services. There will be a range from new professionals to seasoned veterans. Last year, more than one-third of the participants were at the Vice Presidential level with another 50% at the Director level or above.

What will be available to me in the exhibit area?
Each exhibitor will have a skirted, 6 -foot table. Some vendors simply use that flat space, others set up their table-top displays, while a few vendors have full-size displays set up on the floor behind the table. Displays may be NO LARGER than 6 feet wide. Power is just what is already available by outlet in the room, so those needing power are always advised to bring extension cords. If you need additional power or a/v set-up, you may arrange for that through the hotel at an additional charge.

What are the benefits for exhibitors?
In addition to seeing participants during refreshment breaks, your company name, description and logo will be included in a quarter-page ad in the full-color, on-site conference booklet. When your company provides a prize (such as the ever-popular gift card), the company name will also be included on all Tic-Tac-Toe materials. Another benefit: about 2 weeks before the conference date you'll receive a list of participants registered up to that point, and a complete list of attendees will be emailed 1-2 weeks after the conference is closed. What other opportunities are available to me? You can gain additional name recognition when you become a Major Conference Sponsor Sponsor a social event Sponsor a meal Host a refreshment break Present a Product Demonstration (limited slots available) Provide a prize for the Tic-Tac-Toe drawing For a complete list and description of Exhibitor opportunities, click on the Exhibitor Sponsorships page.

Can you tell me about the Product Demonstrations?
For 2017, there are three sets of Product Demonstrations. Each half-hour session is exclusively devoted to your company and offers the opportunity to describe company goods and services. Monday’s “Special Sessions” are offered first to Major Conference Sponsors. Tuesday’s “Bonus Sessions” and Wednesday’s “Additional Sessions” are available on a first-come/first-served basis. Please note that Wednesday’s sessions will require the representative to stay beyond Tuesday’s closing of the exhibit area.

What's up with these social events? Will I be able to participate?
Most definitely:  Social events offer enhanced opportunities to interact with participants as well as enhanced opportunities to raise your company's profile when you sponsor, not to mention plain-old fun. The “Around the World” Wine & Cheese Reception on Monday, July 17, is actually planned with exhibitors in mind. Like the refreshment breaks, it is complimentary to participants, held in the exhibit area, and presents an effective opportunity to interact with participants, clients, and potential clients in a totally relaxed atmosphere. The day's sessions have ended, so attendees are eager to begin the evening with a beverage and conversation with colleagues and exhibitors. Later that evening, the “Party in Paradise” will be attended by NSCEC participants, exhibitors, and guests.  Sponsorship of the event further raises your profile with participants. Representative who stay through Tuesday night may take advantage of Tuesday evening’s complimentary “Fun in the Sun” round-trip shuttles. Exhibitors, their families and guests are also invited to participate in the optional FunCat Sunset Cruise for a small additional fee.

May I ship supplies and equipment to the conference?
Before the conference begins, you'll get all the hotel shipping instructions and pricing. The hotel charges for accepting packages with prices ranging from $3 to $50.

Great info, but I have still more questions. Who should I ask?
Email or call our Conference Coordinator, Karen Clark, at conference@nscec.com or 678-560-4175.