2017 Keynote – Academic Customer Service: The 76% Solution

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2017 Keynote – Academic Customer Service: The 76% Solution

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Research has found that poor or weak academic customer service will drive students away from enrolling and staying in college. In fact, 12% of potential students are lost when they actually make contact with the school. Academic customer service also accounts for 76% of attrition.  But are students customers of a college?  Does that mean colleges are businesses? Is the customer always right? And if so, what are we to do to admit and then retain our student customers? These and other questions will be answered by Dr. Neal Raisman, the leading expert in academic customer service as he informs us on how to enroll and retain morestudents through good academic customer service.


President of NRaisman & Associates, Dr. Neal Raisman has been the leading expert and consultant on retention through improved academic customer service since 1999. He has assisted over 500 colleges and universities in the US, Canada and Europe increase retention through graduation.

Neal has been a college chancellor, president, dean and faculty member so he understands the culture and mores of academia and speaks our language, academicese, fluently. He was a Fulbright Fellow in France and has a PhD in neurolinguistics from the University of Massachusetts. Neal is the author of five best-selling books on retention and customer service, which have become must reads on college campuses. He also was a comedy writer for leading comedians and that can be seen in his presentations which blend information and humor to help make points clear.

But most importantly, Neal is a grandfather, father, husband and bread-baker which makes all the rest pale in comparison.